The Intensive Interaction Institute

At the Intensive Interaction Conference in June, Dave Hewett announced the formation of the Intensive Interaction Institute. At present, the institute is an organisation on paper and with a website, but it is seen as a starting point for an organisation that will gradually grow and develop.

The immediate short-term objectives are the creation of a membership scheme and members network and the development of a structure of accredited coursed for Intensive Interaction.

Mission Statement

To define, develop and disseminate the theory and practice of Intensive Interaction

  • Define - To set out and define the nature and characteristics of Intensive Interaction
  • Develop - To continue the development of the theory of Intensive Interaction
  • Disseminate - To further the awareness, knowledge and understanding of Intensive Interaction
  • Training - To foster and deliver high quality training in the theory and practice of Intensive Interaction