Intensive Interaction Co-ordinator Course

Course Overview

All practitioners who work in the field: teachers and teacher assistants, speech and language therapists and assistants, psychologists, probationers and assistants, social workers, residential staff, qualified and nonqualified etc. Therefore: the course will be open to all practitioners, of whatever qualification, or holding no qualifications except for their practical experience.

There will be an academic component to the course in terms of reading and becoming familiar with the underlying research. However, versions of this course have already been piloted by Dave Hewett and Cath Irvine and the experience is that all practitioners can be assisted to become comfortable with the academic components.

We believe that this course will be attractive to employers in that they will see the value of having a member of staff within the establishment or service who is an II Co-ordinator.

Course Aims:

By the culmination of the course an Intensive Interaction Co-ordinator will:

  • be an advanced practitioner in the techniques of doing Intensive Interaction
  • have read and be knowledgeable about all publications and theories on Intensive Interaction
  • have knowledgeable about much of the underlying research theory on parent-baby interaction
  • be knowledgeable about many of the issues and associated theories, e.g.: touch, age-appropriateness, developmental theories, the history of psychology and the place of II, autism theories and history, communication work in the field of SLD etc.
  • be able to train and mentor individuals and small staff teams in the practice of II
  • be able to give workshops on II to larger groups (optional).


The course generally takes place over 21 days in 7 blocks of 3 days.

For forthcoming dates please see the Course Dates page.

Course Fee:

The course fee is 4,300. This includes refreshments during course days and registration for accreditation. The fee does not include accommodation; participants will make their own arrangements for accommodation but we hope to be able to offer preferential rates with local hotels.

Course assessment:

Continuous assessment by course tutor(s)