The Intensive Interaction Institute Good Practice Course


A six month mentored course (with 3 tutored study days) to develop good Intensive Interaction practices using a combination of tutoring methods, including: video evaluation of own and others’ practice, expert presentations, facilitated discussions and other structured learning activities. This course can also be delivered in service.

Course Aims:

All of the course processes and materials are designed to fulfil the following aims, that by the end of the course, the trainee:

  • will be able to fully understand the principles of Intensive Interaction
  • will be a good practitioner in the techniques of doing Intensive Interaction
  • will be able to usefully reflect on their own and others’ Intensive Interaction practices
  • will be able to effectively recognise and record progress with Intensive Interaction.

Course Fee:

The course fee is 600. This fee includes access to experienced and qualified Intensive Interaction tutors throughout the 6 months’ duration of the course, all necessary teaching materials, and refreshments and lunch during the 3 tutored course study days.

Course Assessment:

Continuous assessment by experienced course tutors.