About Regional Support Networks

Why have regional groups?

  • To support practitioners
  • To provide a sharing learning environment
  • To provide a feedback forum from and to the II Institute
  • To help disseminate II
  • To support people wishing to know more (i.e. parents)

This isn’t a definitive list. The development of the groups will depend on the members and issues that arise from those people in the area using II.

Where will they be?

Initially, the groups will be from a relatively wide geographical area. i.e north, south-east. However, as the groups grow it is anticipated that more local groups will emerge

Who will organise them?

Some people attending the conference in June indicated that they would happy to take some responsibility for organising the groups in terms of dates and venues. It is envisaged that the groups would be democratic with a sense of equality amongst participants rather than being managed in a bureaucratic. Responsibility for organising the groups can be relatively fluid as long as we know who to contact for each group.

What will happen at the meetings?

This is largely up to the group but it may be useful to have some idea of a basic agenda: -

  • Sharing and discussing case studies/video footage
  • Discussion of practice guidelines/successes/blocks
  • Promoting II to other people/services who may benefit
  • Helping to produce information for the II Institute to further disseminate the approach
  • Participating in relevant studies/questionnaires when requested by others researching the use of II
  • Discussion of related topics

It would be really useful to have a summary of the group discussions to put on the website.

How often will the groups meet?

A minimum of three times a year. If necessary the II Institute could issue attendance certificates to support continuing professional development