Curriculum Documents for Schools

Compiled by: Dave Hewett and Graham FirthIntensive Interaction Institute

In this Intensive Interaction Institute pack, the authors aim to assist school managers with the documentation needed to write up Intensive Interaction within the school’s curriculum documents and other relevant paperwork.

The pack provides a range of specimen Intensive Interaction documents, all of which are included on an accompanying CD-ROM so that the documents can be copied directly, or adapted with any necessary formatting, to use in a school’s policies and Intensive Interaction guidelines.

The specimen curriculum documents include:

  • An Intensive Interaction Curriculum Rationale
  • A General Communication Curriculum Rationale Intensive interaction Classroom Guidelines
  • An Intensive interaction Recording Sheets Booklet An Example of Individual Education Programme - IEP A Statement on Developmental Pertinence
  • A Specimen School Policy on Physical Contact

This pack retails at 200 with CD-ROM (including P&P)

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